Taco’s Solar Trilogy is Market-Ready



At the AHR Expo, Orlando, FL, January 25-27, 2010 –  Taco’s new family of solar pumping products and technology is an ideal fit for a wide variety of solar thermal applications.  Easy to install, Taco’s innovative all-in-one solar pumps, components, and controls deliver unmatched reliability and performance.


The Solar Pumping Station combines all the features needed for a closed-loop water heating system.  There are just 5 easy connections to make: 2 for the solar collector(s), 2 for the storage tank’s heat exchanger, and 1 for the expansion tank.  Included are the integral variable speed solar control pump, isolation ball vales, air elimination and flow meter.  The unit continually adjusts pump speed to maximize solar collector output and efficiency.  The unit is pre-engineered, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and easy to install. 


The Solar X-Pump Block combines a stainless steel flat plate heat exchanger with two bronze circulators and a solar differential temperature control in one compact package ideally suited for installations where adding a solar storage tank is not feasible or where the solar storage tank does not have an internal heat exchanger.


And the Variable Speed Solar Pump line includes circulators with integral solar differential temperature controls.  All wiring for power and sensors is done directly to the circulator while the LED status pane makes it easy to check functionality.  Dip switch settings offer easy set-up.  Pumps continually adjust speed to reduce short-cycling, maximizing solar collector output and system efficiency by up to 20%.  

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