Fully compatible with USE Manager Online Building Management System


Fresh Meadows, NY ‘ U.S. Energy Group has launched the NEW USE Controller EMS, a next-generation system designed to provide a savings of 10-35% on oil and gas usage and payback in under two years. Fully integrated with the USE Manager online building management system, the NEW EMS is digital, wireless and uniquely equipped to help owners and managers meet New York City building auditing mandates through benchmarking, enhanced online monitoring and control.


The new USE Controller EMS integrates both outdoor and indoor temperatures with a proprietary mathematical function to help the boiler run more efficiently and to cycle the boiler off and on when specific temperature presets are achieved. With 40,000 New York City buildings still running on old timing systems, the new city mandates have made the new, comprehensive  EMS a building retrofit essential.


‘Stop being an old-timer,” says Jerry Pindus, U.S. Energy Group Chief Executive Officer. ‘We have entered an entirely new generation of sleek, efficient, digital, wireless building control. The government is mandating we audit usage, and this is something anybody can and must do for peace of mind.”


In December 2009, the New York City Council adopted the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, strengthening energy efficiency requirements and obligating owners and managers of larger buildings to undergo energy audits and publicly report their energy usage. While California and Washington, DC have already taken steps to require benchmarking and auditing, New York City’s initiative covers more building types and requires compliance within a much shorter period of time. The requirements have made old timing systems virtually obsolete because they are not designed for benchmarking, Internet monitoring and enhanced control. 


‘It’s not about just running the boiler at the right time anymore,” states David Unger, Chief Operating Officer of U.S. Energy Group. ‘It’s about transforming the way we think about energy usage and pushing our buildings into the next generation. It’s about setting efficiency goals and then logging in from your computer, your laptop your iPhone or BlackBerry and tweaking the system for maximum savings. It’s about auditing usage, saving money and helping the environment.”


The U.S. Energy Group system, including the New EMS and the USE Manager, is particularly attractive to large residential and commercial building portfolios, including REITs, management companies, the City, and private owners, because of how easily the system aggregates information and facilitates daily management of large portfolios. Specialized ‘Alerting” functions draw attention to the most timely items and enable long-range planning and benchmarking. The system also supports efforts to better heat balance buildings. With one quick and affordable step, buildings start running efficiently, comply with government requirements and start saving money

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