New e-SV Line Is The Result Of A Unique ITT RCW Global Collaboration Initiative


MORTON GROVE, Illinois ‘ September 1, 2010 ‘ The successful development of the new e-SV line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps was made possible by a unique collaboration of ITT Residential Commercial Water (RCW) teams around the globe working together to develop a more energy-efficient, standardized product line.

The quest began in 2008 when Voice of the Customer (VOC) surveys clearly indicated that commercial and light industrial pump users worldwide were looking for vertical, multi-stage pumps that are more energy-efficient, easier to service and maintain, offer significantly lower lifecycle costs, and have standardized replacement parts they could source at various locations around the world.

Traditionally, manufacturers develop new products by specific brands or geographical regions and when the products are subsequently adapted to other brands or regions, the replacement parts aren’t always compatible. This presents a problem for global companies that source products for their projects and facilities around the world.

‘Our overriding goal from the beginning was to develop a truly global pump line using standardized parts that can be sourced anywhere in the world to produce the highest energy efficient product in its class,” said Chris Preston, Global Project Manager, ITT RCW. ‘Given the various technical requirements and regulations in countries around the world, this presented a number of challenges.”

ITT overcame these challenges by creating a global initiative that focused on several key areas:

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