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MENLO PARK, Calif. ‘ (October 6, 2010) ‘ Tyco Thermal Controls, a part of Tyco Flow Control and the global heat-tracing solutions leader, announces the addition of the DigiTrace NGC-40 control and monitoring system to its NGC family of products. Designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of industrial heat-tracing applications in hazardous and non-hazardous environments, the DigiTrace NGC-40 offers flexibility, centralized control, and monitoring in a complete solution.


The DigiTrace NGC-40 is an advanced modular control, monitoring and power distribution system whose single control module per heat-tracing circuit architecture provides the highest reliability solution for your heat-tracing application.  Individual CPU per heat-tracing circuit allows for the quick remediation of problems occurring with one heat-tracing system without affecting the other circuits.


The DigiTrace NGC-40 control system offers a truly modular heat-tracing control, monitoring and power distribution system. Each control module may be used in combination with other modules to provide the desired set of features and I/O points for a specific application. The system is fully flexible from a configuration point of view and offers individual single-phase and three-phase electrical heat-tracing controllers.


The DigiTrace NGC-40 is supported by the innovative 15″ color DigiTrace Touch 1500 User Interface touch screen that provides plant personnel with local, intuitive and easy-to-use access to the complete control and monitoring system. The Touch 1500 allows for status, alarm and event monitoring of the heat-tracing circuits as well as easy adjustment of the control and monitoring system to handle revised heat-tracing system configurations.


By incorporating features such as touch screen technology and single circuit control, the DigiTrace NGC-40 system complements any heat management system and can have a positive impact on production, process, and operational downtime metrics.


The DigiTrace NGC-40 system is fully supported by our DigiTrace Supervisor software.  This software provides the capability to remotely configure the control systems, monitor status and alarms, and offers other advanced features such as data logging, trending, recipes and batching. It provides fully configurable user access levels while providing the flexibility to connect from any remote location anywhere in the world.


By combining the local access provided by Touch 1500 User Interface with the DigiTrace Supervisory software, the DigiTrace NGC-40 supports local and remote configuration and monitoring and provides tighter control of pipe maintain temperatures and optimization of maintenance activities.  This can improve production quality and process yield while decreasing operational downtime.


The features and benefits of the DigiTrace NGC-40 electric heat-tracing control and monitoring system include:


·         Individual circuit control by single circuit controllers provides highest reliability architecture for critical heat tracing circuits.

·          Modular System provides maximum flexibility to meet any need at an optimized cost.

·         Touch 1500 touch screen provides an intuitive, easy to use interface to the heat-tracing system

·         Central monitoring and configuration via client-server software (DigiTrace Supervisor) allows for various levels of access to be set for different user groups.

·         Choosing the right control algorithm from many available solutions minimizes the energy consumption in an optimized heat tracing solution

·         Maximum flexibility in heat-tracing control design by using the innovative data sharing among the heat tracing circuits within a panel, as well as, the programmable digital inputs and alarm outputs of each control module.


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