FleetMatics Integrates New Fuel Card Reporting with its GPS Fleet Tracking Technology

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (January 25, 2011) ‘ FleetMatics, a market leader of GPS vehicle tracking applications for commercial fleets, announced today that its software is now integrated with fuel card purchase data. The powerful new FleetMatics Fuel Card Reports enables users to reduce fuel usage and track MPG, pinpoint fuel card non-compliance, and correct fuel-waste driving behaviors. The reporting also monitors a fleet’s carbon footprint, helping better manage efficiency and environmental sustainability.

This new software enhancement further demonstrates our commitment to offering clients breakthrough technological solutions that translate into direct cost savings for our customers,” said Jim Travers, FleetMatics CEO. ‘By integrating fuel card usage into our robust GPS tracking software, fleet managers will now have complete visibility over their fuel spend. They can effectively leverage their transaction information to take proactive actions that will reduce costs at the pump and benefit the environment.”

Integration of Fuel Transactions and GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution
Fuel cards provide a popular method for businesses with vehicle fleets to have a better control over their fuel spend, which is a key component in bottom line profitability. Busy fleet owners cannot easily utilize the vast amount of data generated every month by fuel card transactions to achieve full cost-saving potential, which is a key driver of the enhanced solution.

The FleetMatics Fuel Card Reporting gives businesses the ability to receive detailed fuel card transaction activity on demand. The reports combine fuel card transaction information with the location and time data from GPS tracking to provide clear, concise insight on actual fuel consumption.

Efficiency Gains and Reduced Fuel Spend
Using the fuel reports, fleet managers will know the actual MPG of each vehicle and can set a benchmark for vehicle fuel performance. Managers will be informed when a vehicle’s MPG exceeds the benchmark and provided possible sources of the discrepancy including speeding, idling or mechanical failure.

The reports also help businesses reduce improper fuel card usage. Managers are notified if a card is used to fuel the wrong vehicle, if the fuel spend exceeds the actual fuel capacity of the vehicle or if the card is used in an unauthorized location. With this information, fleet managers can take corrective action to encourage wise fuel card usage, reduce fuel consumption and ultimately decrease fuel costs.

Carbon Footprint Report Shows Sustainability Results
The FleetMatics Fuel Card Reports also include a Carbon Footprint Report to help businesses lower their environmental impact and increase eligibility for ‘green” contracts.

‘Volatile fuel prices and a sluggish economy have especially hurt companies that rely on vehicle fleets to do business,” added Mr. Travers. ‘Our Fuel Card Reports provide the tangible benefits that our customers have come to expect from us to help get them through today’s challenging business environment.”

About FleetMatics
FleetMatics is a rapidly growing, privately-funded software-as-a-service (SaaS) company focused on live GPS tracking for fleet vehicles. FleetMatics’ comprehensive software offerings are designed for businesses of all sizes that focus on improving customer service, real-time operations visibility and maximum performance from their vehicles and service representatives.

FleetMatics handles all the technology issues so customers focus strictly on their business to realize a rapid and ongoing ROI that includes increased revenue, reduced costs, and ability to grow profitably. For more information, visit www.fleetmatics.com or call 866.844.2235.

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