NYSERDA, National Grid and Con Edison


Fresh Meadows, NY: As the May 2011 benchmarking deadline approaches,* industry recognition for building energy management systems (BEMS), has been increasing. NYSERDA, National Grid and Con Edison all now offer incentive packages, designed to encourage property managers to embrace this cost-effective solution to both efficient building management and benchmarking compliance. These incentives apply to U.S. Energy Group’s comprehensive, information-based system, which saves 15-35% with payback in under two years.



The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has the Existing Facilities Program which offers incentives for a variety of energy projects, including pre-qualified and performance-based incentives. Applicants can receive up to $60,000 ($30K for electric and $30K for natural gas) per a building to install equipment designed to help the building run efficiently. NYSERDA’s performance-based incentives are typically higher, and require engineering analysis, measurement and verification. Additionally, NYSERDA’s FlexTech program will pay for 50% of a qualified energy study.


Con Edison

As part of their Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program, Con Edison is offering their gas customers, who pay the SBC (systems benefits charge) each month, 70% of the cost to install a BEMS, an incentive worth $6,000-$20,000. Residential buildings, including market-rate rentals, condos, coops and rent-controlled and rent-subsidized locations, with 5-75 units are eligible.


National Grid

National Grid firm gas customers with multifamily buildings up to 75 units can apply for custom incentives by completing a short form. The assessment of the annual therms saved is calculated based on the previous year’s fuel consumption, and the application should include a description of the previous energy control method, the proposed method, and a description of how installation of U.S. Energy Group’s BEMS will change the desired indoor temperature. If the proposed installation is accepted and designated ‘cost effective,’ the incentive amount is based on a multiplication of the amount of therms saved ‘ $2.25 per therm, not to exceed $250,000 per year.


U.S. Energy Group will help building owners and property managers identify the best incentives for their portfolio as part of the company’s Automated Benchmarking Service Package. For more information, visit www.use-group.com. Site-surveys, estimates and demonstrations can be scheduled by contacting Tom Scali, Steve Guerrero or Rick Francis at (718) 380-1004 or info@use-group.com. With 30 years in the industry and over 3,500 system installations, the building energy management solutions company has earned a reputation for product quality and personalized customer support.


* EPA ‘ The Federal Environmental Protection Agency’s portfolio reporting platform that is required by New York City’s Greater Greener Building Plan (Local Law 84).

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