Taco Offers 4900 Series Air and Dirt Separator


Available in both standard and high velocity, with or without a removable cover, the 4900AD Series air and dirt separators lengthen the life of hydronic system components. 


The scrubber system ‘ with stainless steel PALL rings and basket assembly,  easily removed by a single person ‘ were developed with safety and ease of maintenance in mind.  Each 4900 unit is designed, constructed, tested and certified to Section VIII Div. 1 of the ASME code. 


The unique and patented PALL ring technology removes system water micro-bubbles and separates-out dirt particles from the flow.  Dirt that is trapped settles to the bottom of the separator where it can be removed through a factory provided blowdown valve.


The 4900 Series is available for pipe sizes ranging from two to 36 inches.  Designed to increase system efficiency, the 4900 Series helps to reduce system pressure drop so that smaller pumps can be used.

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