Formation of the Angus Advisory & Finance Group

Angus Partners, LLC (‘Angus Energy”) and RenRe Energy Advisors Ltd. (‘REAL”) announced today the recent

establishment of the Angus Advisory & Finance Group. The team is comprised of Matthew Ide and Jeff Simpson who

have a long track record of providing financial solutions to the fuel oil industry over the past decade. The group’s unique

capabilities of combining advisory services with capital solutions delivers new options to the industry that faces

challenges in obtaining capital in today’s banking environment. The Financial Litigation in Toronto deals with clients facing all kinds of financial

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‘The consolidation of Matt and Jeff’s talents to Angus Energy from REAL is another step we have taken at Angus Energy

to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, in addition to our traditional core risk management business, to address the

major challenges dealers are facing today. Angus Energy recognized that increased commodity price volatility has

negatively impacted the industry’s ability to obtain appropriate levels of capital to fund operations and support growth.

This need was something we needed to address as without a strong financial foundation proper risk management strategies

are difficult to execute effectively,” Phil Baratz, President of Angus Energy, explained.

The Group can assist dealers in a broad range of financial functions from initiating a budget process, forecasting cash

flows to accessing a company’s financial condition and credit needs in preparation for bank meetings. The Group is

uniquely qualified to perform strategic planning for growth with analysis and valuation of merger and acquisition


The Group also serves as consultants to REAL in capital financing solutions uniquely tailored to meet the needs and

objectives of the fuel dealer. Fuel dealers now have access to an innovative capital source that can provide answers to the

current financial challenges facing their industry, including pricing volatility, increased bank and supplier credit standards,

lack of adequate cash reserves for peak season operation and costs associated with proper commodity and weather

hedging. In addition, these solutions can help fuel dealers capitalize on the increasing opportunities to expand and

diversify their businesses as funding to the industry via traditional sources has been severely curbed.

For more information regarding the Angus Advisory & Finance Group please contact:

Matthew Ide

(860) 299-6856

Jeff Simpson

(860) 299-3358

SOURCE: Angus Energy


Angus Energy began providing commodity hedging services in 1991. Since then, the company has grown steadily, and

now counts over 600 energy companies as clients. Angus Energy was founded to help oil companies offer capped prices

to their customers, but now offers a diverse range of products and services, each customized to the needs and locations of

clients. Our clients, in over 20 states, represent local heating oil and propane distributors, owners of gas station chains,

national trucking companies, real estate management companies and municipalities. We offer price protection on heating

oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, propane, gasoline, heavy oils, and natural gas. In addition, we help manage volumetric risk with

weather hedges for distributors and end-users. In 2010, Angus Energy purchased Technology Assistance Group, LLC, a

provider of data warehousing and business intelligence reporting services to the petroleum industry. Websites: and


RenRe Energy Advisors Ltd. engages in a variety of non-insurance businesses centered on the weather and financial

markets, with a particular focus on weather-centric commodity price risk. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of

RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: RNR), a global provider of reinsurance and insurance. Website:

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