Only about a Month Away

May 22-26th – it all takes place in Hershey PA – so have you reviewed our broad list of Educational Opportunities – whether you are an owner, manager, technician or student we’ve got a class just right for you. Registration is booking very nicely and the Lodge is filling up.  And our show is sold out – all good stuff so register today!

Remember too that our Show Opens at 11:00-4:00 on Tuesday and 9:00-1:00 on Wednesday and classes continue Wednesday afternoon following the show.

Focus on Just One of our many Educational Opportunities

Bioheat Straight Talk will be held on Tuesday, 9-11:00 a.m. in room Magnolia D.  We’ve got the experts leading the panel but we also have those in the trenches on the panel as well.  Michael Devine and Robert Cerio will be representing the Biodiesel Board. 

As the distribution of Advanced Biofuels become more established in the oil heating industry, opportunities will present themselves for those individuals in the service department who have hands on experience servicing burners using various blends of biodiesel.

Some well respected Service Managers including our own National President George McQueeney, Operations/Service Manager for East River Energy located in Guilford, Connecticut will each share their years of experience with the handling and service of biodiesel blends in existing oil heat equipment. These highly respected professionals will be providing their perspectives as well as participate in a lengthy Question and Answer period. 

Additionally, Michael Devine representing the National Biodiesel Board will be providing an overview of upcoming sales and marketing support programs for registered Bioheat dealers as well as providing a real-time overview of the new Advanced Biofuels market. Robert Cerio a Technical Consultant to the National Biodiesel Board has been working very closely with the Biodiesel Hotline service. Bob will provide a Bioheat 101 introduction for new comers, OEM positions on compatibility and operations along with Bioheat best management practices starting with quality control, documentation, fuel certification and the storage and handle of Biodiesel blends from producer to end user.

Here is a great way to hear from those who have been using the product, those promoting the product and those supporting the technical side of the product.

To register for this class or any of our others, please visit – it is quick and easy – and while there, make your hotel reservations as well.

And Make Plans to attend our Awards Banquet

While registering, you can also reserve and pay for your ticket to our Annual Awards Banquet – having just reviewed the resumes all of the candidates, I sure wouldn’t want to be on the Awards Committee – they have a big task ahead of them.  Great candidates!  So plan on attending, Tuesday, May 24th.  Prior to dinner, join us for a cocktail party sponsored by Taco.

Our 2011 Theme

You have repeatedly heard that our 2011 theme is tied around, Christmas in May – celebrating the many charitable things our association does.  During our closing event, we have Marines scheduled to visit us and pick-up toys that we are asking YOU to contribute to our 2011 Toys for Tots campaign.  Look for the sleigh located in the lobby. 

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