Rick Bologna of Westmore Fuel Named Marketer of the Year


[Cromwell, CT]  The Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association [ICPA] is pleased to announce that its 2011 Marketer of the Year is Rick Bologna of Westmore Fuel in Greenwich, Connecticut.  The ICPA Marketer of the Year award is awarded once a year during the association’s annual meeting and represents the vote of the membership for the person who best exemplifies the ideals of outstanding industry and public service, contributions to the community, contributions to the industry, and contributions to the work of the association during the previous year.


“ICPA’s highest award for personal and professional achievement is as Marketer of the Year and this year’s outstanding example of a person who embodies a tremendous dedication to his customers, his community, his company and its employees and to the industry of which he is a part is Rick Bologna, “ said Gene Guilford, ICPA’s President. “Rick has been an enormous asset to our industry and our association as we strive to improve the quality of our fuels, the quality of our services, and the highest professional standards of consumer service that we need and we all congratulate Rick on achieving this well-deserved distinction,” added Guilford.


Rick Bologna entered his family business in the mid-80

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