Making the Right Choice



I’m sure that many of us have heard the statement about making the right choices from someone both near and dear to us. Many of us have also most likely had this same conversation with our own children in support of their decision making. This, of course, is with the hope that they will not make some of the less than positive choices that we may have made in our own lives.

            In business, the choices that we make can lead to either success or failure and I’m sure that many of you will agree, at least to this point. However, let’s take a look at some areas that can lead us down a path of success or failure. 

Number one is our employee hiring process. When hiring, what is the true goal? Is it how smart a person is in regard to a company’s needs or is it hiring to fill a void? Most important, from the service side of the business, being able to communicate face to face with your customers certainly requires someone that comes with the full package? So what actually is a full package? When many of us who came into the trade an example of full package was pretty simple, having a truck drivers license and the knowledge of a Silent Glow, Winkler, GE or a Texaco oil burner. Many of the veterans of this industry who were often referred to as (Soot Suckers) and worked on these burners may even say that they were great in their day. Why not as anything to replace coal and eliminate spitting coal dust was great.

However, these old less efficient dinosaurs have for the most part passed on and thank goodness with what the price of fuel oil is today. Today the manufacturers of the new high tech and more efficient heating equipment make it necessary to hire technicians who can meet the requirements necessary to service the equipment that comes with new and advanced electronic technology. Be it low NOx burners or set back or wireless controls. This person must also have people skills, speak clearly, understand computer technology and is willing to except change. One change that is very obvious is the number of companies that have added gas service to their companies’ menu and on board computers both in the service and oil delivery vehicles.

On another note, pertaining to making the right choices, the selection of equipment that we see coming onto the market, be it boilers, wall mounted water heaters, furnaces or controlling devices. Most of them will tout their reduction in operating cost and new higher efficiencies, regardless of the type of fuel used, be it gas or oil and all from new technology. To help make the right choice and become less confused it is important to attend every training program available regarding new products, which is often offered by a local supplier. By doing so it will give you the opportunity to buy the product that you feel will sell in your market area; determine its reliability, warranty, and most of all serviceability.

I have also had people tell me that they will not buy a product that is not made in the USA, and believe me I love this country and served to protect it. However, I find it harder and harder to find products manufactured on our own soil. I think even though the foreign items we buy are often very good, it seems at times replacement parts are difficult to acquire.

So when it comes to hiring or buying, always consider making the right choice!


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