AquaMotion Pump Product Line introduced at the NEFI Energy Expo

AquaMotion, Inc., a US manufacturer of single and 3-speed circulators introduced the AquaMotion Pump Product Line at the NEFI show in Foxboro, Mass. with their NE representative, the Walter F Morris Company.

The new technology feactures high efficiency without the high price. The innovative design incorporates a patented green ECO-Cartridge that is replaceable and cleanable. It stops waste and recycles valuable resources.

This design can also solve problems with rare Earth magnet rotors, which attract magnetic black iron oxide particles in ECM pumps. The circulators incorporate a patented long life bearing system that has been tested for 9 years. These most efficient, low amp draw pumps were developed by a team led by the inventor of the cartridge type circulator. Millions of pumps using his design are in service across the world. There are 31 pump models available for heating, plumbling and recirculation systems for the residential and light commercial market. Performance range: 4-21ft, 4-31 GPM, 0.25 -0.79 Amps.


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