LEBANON, TN ‘ October 22, 2013 ‘ Lochinvar recently released a new online version of its LochSpec Sizing Calculator, which provides a quick and easy solution for sizing commercial water heating systems. Once the user has provided the necessary data, LochSpec uses industry-proven formulas to recommend appropriate Lochinvar equipment options, and provides customized energy savings information for the application.
Users begin by selecting the application type they are interested in sizing, such as an apartment complex, athletic club, car wash, nursing home, office building, school, etc. From there, the user is prompted to provide application details to determine peak demand times, durations and hot water volume. The final step is to input job requirements, which vary depending on the application type. Based on this user input, LochSpec calculates and recommends system options for Lochinvar water heaters, with or without storage tanks. It also provides product specs and an energy savings comparison calculator for each option.
Once the user selects one of the recommended options, they can request that a Lochinvar representative contact them about the application. They can also access a printable application summary report, which includes details about the job, the selected Lochinvar equipment, as well as a breakdown of the sizing formula. Registered users can also save jobs for future reference.
‘We developed the new online LochSpec calculator to provide our customers with a simple solution they can rely on for accurate sizing recommendations and energy savings information,” said Mike Juhnke, Lochinvar’s Product Program Manager. ‘Now, users can quickly see what options they have for the job at hand and compare each one side-by-side.”

To access the LochSpec water heater sizing calculator, visit http://lochspec.lochinvar.com.
Lochinvar, LLC is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters, boilers, pool heaters and storage tanks. Based in Lebanon, Tenn., with facilities in Chicago, Detroit, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, Pompano Beach and Dallas, Lochinvar stocks all products in all locations. For more information about Lochinvar, contact: Lochinvar, LLC, 300 Maddox Simpson Parkway, Lebanon, Tenn., 37090; Phone: (615) 889-8900; Fax: (615) 547-1000; www.Lochinvar.com.


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