Bergquist Offers New Kosan+ Guardian Dielectric Propane Regulators

Bergquist, Inc. (TOLEDO, Ohio) announces its offering of Cavagna Group’s new Kosan+ Guardian dielectric second-stage regulators. The residential regulators – designed specifically for the U.S. market with input from Bergquist and retail propane marketers – are the first to incorporate dielectric capability and regulator as an all-in-one solution. In accordance to NFPA 58 –, the Kosan+ Guardian is intended to isolate potential electrical power from metallic piping before entering a building. The use of a separate dielectric union is not necessary since the regulator contains a dielectric flange as part of its assembly.
With the dielectric flange, electric insulation exists between the upstream and downstream parts of installation.

“Cavagna brings its many decades of R&D, engineering and manufacturing expertise to the development of the first regulator of its kind. A combined dielectric/second-stage regulator also has less potential for leaks than current, standard installations where metallic piping is used,” says Don Heller, Bergquist’s Vice President of Propane Technologies. Heller continues, “We’re excited to offer our customers the new Kosan+ Guardian regulator from Cavagna. It’s another terrific example of innovative solutions we’ve committed to bringing to the U.S.
propane market.”

The Kosan+ Guardian is available in a variety of sizes. Compact, full-size straight-through, full-size angle, full-size back mount, 2 PSI compact, 2 PSI straight-through, and 2 PSI back mount configurations are available. BTU capacities range from 700,000 to 1,680,000. All regulators have been tested for lock-up, relief and leakage failures.

Bergquist, Inc. is a national wholesale distributor of propane and anhydrous ammonia equipment in the U.S. Headquartered in Toledo, OH, Bergquist has Regional Sales Centers in Bowling Green, KY, Crawfordsville, IN, Shakopee, MN, North Kansas City, MO and Denver, CO.
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The Cavagna Group is a family-owned manufacturer of propane and compressed gas equipment. Headquartered in Italy, with manufacturing facilities around the world, their North American office is located in Somerset, NJ. For more information, please go to

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