Dan Holohan to Present Classic Hydronics

 ‘This all-technical seminar will give you a liberal arts education in Classic Hydronic systems,” says Holohan. ‘You will see inside the pipes and get a better understanding of how things work, what goes wrong and why. I’ll share with you the secrets I’ve picked up from the old timers, making you a better troubleshooter.”


This class explores one-pipe loops, the critical importance of pressure differential, gravity hot-water heating, pumping, radiation, one- and two-pipe primary-secondary systems, two-pipe direct and reverse return, classic radiant, multiple boiler systems, diverter tees, two-temperature systems, air problems and their solutions and more.


In keeping with the compassionate spirit of the industry, OESP encourages all attendees to bring a non-perishable food item that will be donated to a local food bank.


Seating is limited and this class sells out quickly.  Visit www.thinkoesp.org to purchase ticket or call 888-552-0900.  Tickets are $129.00 per person.


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