Propane Industry Calls on Transportation Secretary for Regional Hours of Service Relief

In the fall of 2013, a number of separate events occurred that, when combined, exacerbated the effects of the transportation and infrastructure challenges in the network.


Richard Roldan, NPGA’s president and CEO, explained that this is a transportation and distribution issue, not a supply problem.  “The supply of propane in the United States is strong.  In the last year, we produced more than a billion gallons of propane.  What the industry is experiencing now is a distribution challenge brought on by a number of factors, including: a late, wet grain and corn harvest, historic low temperatures, insufficient propane storage, pipeline maintenance, reduced capacity for propane transports via rail and a change in the flow of energy in North America.”


So far, 24 states, primarily in the Midwest and Northeast, have issued HOS waivers.  Highlighting the need for a regional waiver, Roldan continued, “Some states forgo issuing exemptions citing the significant expenditure of resources and coordination needed between the industry and state officials.  A regional waiver would eliminate the patchwork of state exemptions and provide an important measure of uniformity throughout these regions.”


During regional emergencies, federal law allows for a representative of the President (such as a Cabinet Secretary) or a Governor to declare a regional emergency and relief from state regulations.  The letter to Foxx cites the “


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