Uponor Partners with Thomas Enterprise Solutions

‘Partnering with Thomas Enterprise Solutions allows us to provide the most current data in a wide variety of CAD and BIM formats, offering engineers a solution for including Uponor products and systems in the early stages of a commercial building project,” says Tony Radcliff, vice president of Marketing, Offerings and Engineering at Uponor.


Accessing the files is easy and intuitive through the new interface. Users simply go to the Online Catalog on Uponorpro.com to select the parts they want and then select the BIM or CAD details icon to access the navigator. This will generate the desired CAD or BIM file on-demand from the most current details in the product information database.


Of the 32 available file formats supported on the site, the most common design platforms include:

BIM ‘ Revit® MEP, AutoCAD® MEP, CADmep

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