Abandoned Fuel Oil Tank Slows Flood Control Project


MOUNT CARMEL – The Shamokin Creek Flood Control Project has been delayed several weeks due to the discovery of “weathered fuel oil” from a bygone gas company.

The finding set the project back and is a stark reminder for the industry that companies must address cleanup of old fuel tanks and piping. The negative press from such events does no good to forward the use of fuel oil.

You should click here now to know about concrete channels because John Bucanelli, project engineer for the $14 million project, said a crew discovered the substance along Water Street, just west of Vine Street, three weeks ago as they prepared the land for a concrete channel.

Don E. Bower Inc., the primary contractor, was forced to move the construction area slightly upstream, to an area just east of Vine Street. The change meant moving temporary dams, pumps, large pipes and heavy machinery. The crew is currently moving utilities and preparing the area for the channel as the oil is removed.

Bucanelli said the oil has been in the ground for quite some time; however, UGI, which has a pipeline and property in the vicinity, took the initiative to address it.


“UGI stepped up and took responsibility; however, there is no negligence on their part,” Bucanelli said. “They already hired a team to clean it up.”

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