Edwards Oil/North Country Propane expand service with new Ely propane facility

Edwards Oil and Edwards North Country Propane General Manager Bob Skalko announced the expansion of service with a new storage facility in Ely. They received recent township approval to add a 30,000 gallon propane storage tank at their existing fuel oil bulk plant in Ely. In addition, an HVAC service technician in Ely is the latest in a long line of service improvements.

Edwards has been a mainstay supplier of fuel oil in the area since purchasing Range Cooperative’s oil facility in 1981. Improvements in 2004 to meet new environmental standards and the recent township approval to allow Edwards to add the new storage tank will ensure a reliable, low-cost supply of propane for their Ely customers. This brings their current storage to more than 150,000 gallons on the Range.

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