API: 2014 RFS Requirements Are Officially the Most Delayed in History of Program

On Aug. 6 API marked the one year anniversary of EPA finalizing the 2013 Renewable Fuel Standard requirements, which were more than eight months late, and called on the administration to finalize the 2014 requirements as soon as possible.


‘EPA still hasn’t finalized the RFS requirements for this year, leaving companies to guess how much ethanol they must blend into gasoline,” said API Senior Policy Advisor Patrick Kelly.  ‘This unreasonable delay could harm consumers by driving up compliance costs and making it harder to produce the fuels Americans need.”

The administration hasn’t released the requirements on time since 2011, according to Kelly. In 2012, the rule was one month late. In 2013, it was eight months late. And this year, the final rule is on track to be nine or more months late.


‘This is the longest, most unreasonable delay in a history of long, unreasonable delays when it comes to implementing the RFS under this administration,” Kelly said.  ‘We urge the EPA to finalize the 2014 rule now and start the process of finalizing the 2015 rule to meet the November 30 deadline, as required by law.”

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