The Healthy Home Comfort System

Recently I attended what I will term an ‘energy update” training class that was focused mostly on the different types of fuel products: wood, coal, oil, LP and natural gas and how these products affect the consumer’s annual energy cost. I know that most of the technicians and contractors reading this article will have heard of, and worked with, what are practically now ‘old” energy saving devices that do actually save the consumers anywhere from 10% to 20% in annual heating costs. I must say that they are well worth the money, and my hat goes off  to the design engineers for their creativity and  to all the heating equipment manufacturers who have adopted to this technology.

So, what do we do next that will assure the consumers of today and into the future that they will be living in not only a warm home with an adequate hot water supply, but a healthy home as well? To the credit of one of the other class attendees and the owner of a contracting company, the ‘healthy home comfort system” issue became an important part of the class discussion.

He went on to say that he has known of many cases where a contractor who is called in to quote a new heating system just sizes the replacement based on the existing tag information on the old system, or does what is called a heat loss. In my opinion, this is not what will provide the consumer with a healthy home comfort system. So, let’s, as the contractor, ask ourselves a few more questions before we give the final quote.


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