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OCEAN CITY, Md. — With the reauthorization of NORA, it is time to give serious thought to the development of new technologies in the heating area.

Last year, an R&D planning meeting was held to address just this question. This past winter, NORA completed their first R&D call and selection process.

There are a lot of things that inform and influence the decisions about where NORA investments should be made including: lessons learned in prior NORA research projects, new technical developments in other parts of the world, technical trends in other fuels, manufacturer interests and constraints, and fuel marketer concerns and needs.

Technical areas of focus now include:

  • Biofuel capable burners;
  • New tools to predict energy savings in the field with oil heat upgrades;
  • Advanced controls and remote systems monitoring;
  • Low firing rate and modulated burners;
  • Lower cost high efficiency heating systems; and
  • Recognizing and documenting oilheat success stories.

In all of these areas, the state of the technology and future plans will be discussed.

The introduction of biodiesel into the heating oil market, along with reduced sulfur heating oil, represents dramatic changes in this area with significant environmental and performance benefits.

Experience with these new fuels, implications of the recent changes in the ASTM fuel specifications, and prospects for further increases in the biofuel content in heating oil will be discussed.

Beyond biodiesel, there is strong interest in other alternative fuels and the status, opportunities and concerns in this area will be discussed.

Bring any fuel questions and concerns you have to ask Dr. Thomas Butcher our Keynote Speaker.

Dr. Butcher is a Research Engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory serving as Deputy Chair of the Sustainable Energy Technologies Department and Head of the Energy Conversion Group.

His long standing research interests include oilheat research, advanced concepts for building heating and cooling, and the application of conventional and biomass fuels in stationary combustion applications.

Dr. Butcher is a Fellow of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers.

The format of the Summer Conference offers seminars on Monday and Tuesday morning with the rest of the day open for time to enjoy the shore with your family.

We hope to see you there!  Click Here for all the details!

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