Oil Heat Cares Comes to the Aid of the McBees

Lola McBee of Hagerstown, Maryland, a longtime customer of Griffith Energy Services, based in Columbia, Maryland, received a grant from Oil Heat Cares (OHC) that helped to cover the cost of installing a new boiler that was donated by Columbia Boiler Co. in Pottstown, Pa.

McBee lives with her husband, who has been in struggling health. Amid her husband’s hospitalizations and mounting medical bills Lola McBee last winter called Griffith Energy Services about their leaking boiler, reported Oil and Energy Service Professionals in its July newsletter. The couple was living with no heat or hot water. The boiler needed to be replaced. Lola McBee had tried various charitable avenues seeking energy assistance with no success.

The Griffith Energy Services technician sent to look at the McBees’ boiler alerted Mike Hodge of Griffith Energy Services. Hodge, current president of the Mid Atlantic Chapter of OESP, reported on the situation to the Oil Heat Cares board. After the board approved a grant, Hodge approached Columbia Boiler Co. The company donated a boiler to the couple. Griffith Energy technicians Wayne Benner and Tony Cassidy installed the unit on April 19, reports Justin Mayberry, a service manager with Griffith Energy Services.

Oil Heat Cares is a Not-for-Profit Foundation that assists needy persons and organizations with the replacement of their oil heating appliance. Funds are raised to purchase heating equipment. OESP chapters, members and other Oil Heat partners identify those within their neighborhoods who need a helping hand and install the heating equipment at no cost to the homeowner.

For more information visit www.oilheatcares.com. To make a tax deductible donation go to the website and click on “Make A Donation” or write a check to Oil Heat Cares. Donate your time and talent by identifying a project for a customer or neighbor in need, by donating equipment or supplies, or by participating in an OHC fundraiser.


PICTURED: Wayne Benner (left) and Tony Cassidy, technicians with Griffith Energy Services, installed a new boiler donated by Columbia Boiler Co. in the house of Lola McBee of Hagerstown, Maryland. McBee is standing behind the boiler.

Photo courtesy of OESP/Oil Heat Cares

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