ATA Praises Rejection of Effort to Delay ELD Implementation


The American Trucking Associations praised the House of Representatives for rejecting an 11th-hour effort to delay implementation of the electronic logging device mandate, slated for December of this year.

“ATA has supported, and will support, this important regulation,” ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said in a statement issued by ATA. Referring to a vote on Sept. 6, Spear said, “Congress has now voted a fourth time to move forward with electronic logging of the existing hours of service information required for decades. Make no mistake, the time for debate about electronic logging is over, and we’re pleased that Congress has rejected this ill-conceived effort to delay their implementation,” said in the statement issued the same day as the vote.

“For a decade, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has repeatedly spoken, the Courts have spoken, law enforcement has spoken, the industry has spoken and Congress has spoken in favor of the benefits of electronic logging devices,” he said, “all the while, opponents of electronic logging have delayed, dissembled and deceived about this technology.”

ATA is a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations.


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