Paraco’s Donation Helps Provide Housing for U.S. Veterans


Through the Home Depot Foundation, which donates millions of dollars each year to victims of natural disasters and supports military veterans via multiple organizations, Paraco Gas Corp., Rye Brook, N.Y., participated in the Foundation’s latest fund-raising event with a $25,000 silver-level sponsorship as well as volunteered labor.

Paraco’s chief operating officer, Dave Muscato, and vice president of sales, Dan Kostecki, attended Home Depot’s Orlando, Florida, networking conference in support of the Home Depot Foundation, whose mission is to renovate an old motel in Orlando that will become permanent housing for veterans this spring. Along with Home Depot executives and other vendors, they organized into a volunteer team more than 600 strong and spent a day transforming the aged structure into useful housing for over 200 homeless military veterans, Paraco said in a Feb. 15 statement.

PICTURED:  Dave Muscato, Paraco’s chief operating officer (wearing sunglasses) and Paraco’s vice president of sales, Dan Kostecki (in blue sweatshirt) with Home Depot employees volunteering at an old motel in Orlando, Florida, that is being rehabbed for housing for over 200 homeless military veterans. Photos courtesy of Paraco Gas Corp.

“It feels good to give back,” Muscato said.

Kostecki added, “I felt extremely proud to know that we work for a company that is completely committed to giving back to communities and especially to the veterans that served us by defending this country. It was a privilege and honor to support this effort.”


The Foundation this year has raised over $9 million.

Home Depot is Paraco’s largest “BBQ Exchange” customer. Paraco is a privately-held propane company, serving New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont from 24 distribution locations. For additional information, visit the website,


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