Bergquist Hires Customer Support Specialist for Remote Tank Monitoring

Wholesale propane equipment distributor Bergquist, Toledo, Ohio, hired Jim Schwartzfisher as customer support specialist for remote tank monitoring, a new position.

Schwartzfisher will field current customer inquiries pertaining to remote tank monitoring, with the goal of providing expertise and facilitating growth for this subdivision throughout the country, the company said.

Schwartzfisher has a background in manufacturing, as well as information technology and sales management, having worked most recently for a regional steel distributor in that capacity. In his previous roles, Schwartzfisher was responsible for set-up and implementation of complex computer systems and software, providing training for users of that technology and overseeing the Southwest Michigan sales territory.

Joe Montroy, regional sales manager, said, “With the ever-growing sector of remote tank monitoring, we wanted to provide a dedicated expert service to our customers, as an increasing number rely on telemetry to streamline business models.”

Schwartzfisher’s understanding of remote tank monitoring systems will allow him to cater to specific concerns and questions, with the knowledge to help customers achieve the biggest benefits from the technology. Bergquist has two remote tank monitoring sales specialists who will work closely with Schwartzfisher.

Schwartzfisher will provide customers with training, technology support and proactive guidance geared toward helping users get the best use from current and emerging propane technologies.

“Remote tank monitoring is not inherently intuitive like traditional mechanical products,” said Schwartzfisher. “I look forward to joining Bergquist, while bringing my customer service and computer systems skills to further support its customers.”

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PICTURED: Jim Schwartzfisher

Photo courtesy of Bergquist, Inc.



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