Quarles Petroleum Acquires Papco’s Propane Business

Quarles Petroleum, Inc., a regional provider of residential and commercial fuel headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, acquired the commercial and residential propane business of Papco, Inc. Quarles will transition Papco propane customers to Quarles’ service centers in the Southeastern and Central Virginia market areas, it said in a June 27 announcement. Papco is divesting from its propane businesses. It will continue to operate its fuel business based in Virginia Beach.

“The acquisition of Papco’s propane business is another step toward achieving our goals for strategic growth; increasing our customer base within our existing delivery territories and expanding into new markets, in this case Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach,” said Paul Giambra, CEO of Quarles Petroleum.  Established in 1940 as a one-truck oil company in Warrenton, Virginia, Quarles Petroleum is a regional provider of residential propane and oil, commercial delivered fuels, fleet card sites and services, and lubricants. The family-owned firm serves customers in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Quarles continues to seek opportunities for strategic acquisitions. For more information visit www.quarlesinc.com.

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