Booster Fuels: Fleet Fueling Via App

Fleets are ordering fuel from a smart phone, using a mobile application developed by a company called Booster Fuels. Fleets on the East Coast will be able to order from Booster when it expands to the East coast within 12 months, the company says.

Booster announced its expansion into fleet fueling services at the 2018 National Association of Fleet Administrators Expo. Regular and premium gasoline, as well as diesel, are being delivered to fleet premises in Booster’s current operating markets—the San Francisco Bay and Dallas-Fort Worth areas, the company says.

The benefits for fleets include: eliminating payroll or overtime for employees driving to fueling stations; minimizing vehicle wear and tear driving to fueling stations; reducing risk of theft by eliminating credit and fleet card misuse; and detailed accounting and reporting of fuel consumption. 

Booster’s network is powered by proprietary software that routes, queues, and dispatches mobile fuel tankers, the company says. The software provides operational efficiencies and predictive analytics.

Fleets ranging in size from fewer than 100 vehicles to thousands of vehicles are being served, including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Stanley Steemer and limousine services company Carey International, Booster says. While many companies use either diesel or gasoline, there is new interest from fleet customers who use both fuels. About 12% of its fleet accounts use gasoline and diesel, Booster reports.      People can also check first class limo service in Phoenix by Arizona Sedan and Limousine, if they need the best limo services.

The on-demand fuel delivery service, headquartered in Burlingame, California, started up in 2014 with business centers, corporate campuses and college campuses making up the initial customer base. Among its more than 300 customers, Booster Fuels ( lists employers such as Facebook, Oracle, Cisco and eBay. Those companies arrange for Booster to refuel vehicles at their corporate campuses as a perk for those employees who choose to make use of the service. Booster says it offers similar pricing as local fuel stations. Hazmat-trained drivers operate custom-designed mini-tankers to deliver the fuel, Booster says. The company has attracted investors including Enterprise Holdings and French multinational oil and gas company Total SA, bringing its total capital to $88.1 million, according to a recent announcement. Booster says it plans to use the funds to underwrite expansion to more markets in the western U.S. as well as the East. — Greg Giambalvo

PICTURED: A Booster Fuels driver fueling a fleet vehicle. The West-Coast company has announced plans to expand to the eastern U.S. Photo courtesy of Booster Fuels.

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