March 2024

Welcome to the March digital edition of Fuel Oil News magazine!

We report on developments in renewable fuels from entities in Canada and California in this issue.

Braya Renewable Fuels announced the start of commercial production at its renewable fuels refinery in Come By Chance, Newfoundland and Labrador. Braya says it anticipates initial production capacity of 18,000 barrels of renewable diesel per day. The refinery is strategically located to deliver fuels to a variety of end use markets, according to Braya Renewable Fuels. Plans are to produce renewable fuel and sustainable aviation fuel to help decarbonize the heavy road transport and other sectors.

“With the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program in place, California is currently the biggest market for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, but with environmental regulations and sustainable fuel requirements being introduced around the world, we expect significant additional markets to develop across the U.S., Canada and Europe,” said a spokesperson for Braya.

And from the University of California at Riverside comes a finding that introducing a simple, renewable chemical to the pretreatment step can finally make next-generation biofuel production both cost-effective and carbon neutral.

Also in this issue: our Buyers’ Guide to Computer Systems, our annual Truck Equipment Roundup, and a preview of the Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo coming up April 5-7 in Charlotte, NC.

All that and more in the February issue of Fuel Oil News!


Additional highlights of the March issue of Fuel Oil News include:

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