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Do You Want to be Known as an Oil Dealer or Comfort Provider?

By Philip J. Baratz We have a number of clients who have chosen to stick with the path that their grandfather trail blazed two generations ago, by selling heating oil to homeowners, along with installing and servicing the heating equipment. We have others who have rapidly diversified to the point where, as one of our clients put it, “if it’s a ...

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The ‘Cloud’ Above All

The energy industry is in the midst of a revolutionary transformation. Strong words to be sure, but accurate ones too, because this change is a technological one; fueled, pun intended, by mobile communications, real-time intelligence.

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Delta Behaviors

Lately I read of interesting, and in some cases unsettling, observations concerning general customer behavior in 2014.

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If you are the government and want to raise a ton of money for the purposes of furthering a policy agenda, you need look no further than your local energy providers

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Over the summer months I had several discussions with industry leaders on the topic of the employer-employee dynamic. Merriam-Webster defines Quid Pro Quo as ‘something that is given to you or done for you in return for something you have given to or done for someone else.” Fundamentally, we are talking about balance a relationship between employer and employee, and ...

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At the request of some readers, the following, in no particular order, describes some Smartphone and PC applications that I find useful on the job.

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