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Side by Side Cost Comparison: Paid by check vs. Paid by Credit-Card

If you don’t know the cost of customer checks, it’s good to find out By Collin Sullivan, AVATAS Payment Solutions It is no secret that a good percentage of merchants in our industry still mail out monthly invoices and get paid by check net 30/45/60. One of the things I try to do when I speak with these merchants is ...

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Lock It Up

By Collin Sullivan, Avatas National Accounts Manager Security is one of the topics that most often comes up when onboarding new customers and checking in with existing ones. Particularly PCI Compliance and what it means for their business. First, as a merchant who accepts credit cards, you are responsible for securing your customer’s data and complying with PCI standards, but ...

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A Roadmap to Success

By: Philip J. Baratz There is an old adage that you can’t get anywhere if you don’t start with knowing where you are. Scoring yourself and your company can get you moving in the right direction. There are so many quotes attributed to the value of scoring, such as “If it doesn’t matter who wins, why do they keep score?” ...

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Opinion: The Vision of Jerks

By Misty Sexton I recently read an interesting article that claimed many of the best known, top-level executives and trail blazing CEO’s are jerks.  People such as the late Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, and Jeff Bezos are all said to behave in a way that is borderline tyrant with relentless demands and exceedingly high expectations and yet they are still ...

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Most Small Business Owners at Risk for a Disaster

A new survey by Nationwide reveals that three in four small business owners do not have a disaster recovery plan, but more than half say it would take at least three months to recover from a disaster. “And yet they are the ones most affected by a disaster. That’s why it’s essential for small businesses to have a disaster recovery ...

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Many Customer-Centric Strategies Fail to Reach Their Potential According to a New Study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

To keep pace with rapidly changing business environments, companies are under the gun to put customers at the center of everything. Many businesses are implementing customer-centricity strategies at great speed. A survey of 315 business executives conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services found that 43% of organizations plan to have the strategy in place in a year or less. ...

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Small Business Owners Feel Optimistic about Their Businesses, Yet Bleak on the Economy for the Remainder of 2015

A majority (71%) of small businesses owners feel positive about the current state of their business, yet concerns remain about the economic outlook through the end of the year, according to the U.S. Small Business Economic and Political Sentiment Survey conducted by Endurance International Group. More than half (52%) of small business owners still cite the health of the economy ...

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What Ails Your Sales?

By Stephen Bennett Is your company practicing “sales prevention?” It could be that your company is afflicted with that malady but is blithely unaware of it. So warns Megan Smith-Gill, owner and president of Gill Marketing Group, who discussed the subject in a seminar at the Atlantic Region Energy Expo held  May 12-14 at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. ...

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Electronic Payments: Tips to Keep in Mind This Winter

With over ten years of experience in payment processing for the fuel industry, the AVATAS team understands that the electronic payment process can seem complex at first. However, it’s extremely beneficial to your bottom line to promote these types of payments over traditional forms, such as checks. Electronic payment options can drastically reduce the amount of time spent waiting for ...

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