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Best of the Best

Working as a field technician in the oil heat industry has never been an easy proposition. There is emergency work; there are customers to deal with; changing technology to stay abreast of; and often times working conditions are less than ideal. Since service is one of the cornerstones of our industry, then why don’t we celebrate the group of industry ...

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Hitting the target

Feature Story Knowing your audience and competitors is a must when creating a Yellow Pages adBy Bob Blagg In many cases, the Yellow Pages are the basic foundation of an advertising campaign, offering many businesses an excellent opportunity for a quick sale. Do you know that nobody reads the Yellow Pages for fun? People look at the Yellow Pages with ...

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Playing the percentages

Feature Story Though most don’t like to do it, marketing your business is a key to its successBy Bob Blagg I have client companies of all sizes. From one-man operations to companies that have as many as 15 service technicians. All my clients as well as almost everyone else in the HVAC industry have two things in common. First, they ...

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Making the most of mail

Feature Story A successful postal advertising campaign has to lure the recipient inBy Bob Blagg Recently, I had a client of mine ask me how he could get some business during his slow time. I told him that he should send out the Cash Flow Surge Letter that is included in the HVAC Profit Secrets Toolbox. So he took the ...

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Adding additives

Cover Story Savvy dealers can differentiate their operations by offering a premium fuel program Duane McLevedge of Global Companies LLC checks out a truck-mounted injection system for Global’s Heating Oil Plus heating-fuel additive. By Duane McLevedgeMost fuel oil dealers have an understanding of the benefits of incorporating a premium additive to their heating oil. More efficient burner performance, reduced sludge ...

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How to save this winter

Guest Column By Bob Hedden So far, as I write this on March 2, the 2005-06 winter has been a degree-day disaster. It’s true that February was pretty cold, but I don’t think March and April are going to make up for the tropical January.There are lots of disagreeable ways to deal with a lack of winter: cutbacks, layoffs, salary ...

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To ease the threat from gas, pre-emptive sales need to be made

Feature Story Summer of ’05By Lou Karl I guess that all the service managers are having lots of fun these days. I said it before, how I envy you guys with all that action going on with the air-conditioning jobs. I am sure for all the hard work you are doing during this “steaming” hot weather, your boss will surely ...

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