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Boiler & Hydronic
Equipment Roundup
A selection of ‘wet heat” products
for indoor comfort

Here’s a selection of products chosen to provide an overview of the technologies available in ‘wet heat.” It is by no means a complete list of equipment currently on the market, just a sampling.

Amtrol’s BoilerMate line of indirects
BoilerMate from Amtrol, Inc. offers the industry’s most complete line of indirects. Models include plastic-lined or stainless steel with models like the Top Down Series for fast installation and easy servicing. Warranty options include a limited lifetime or low-cost five-year. Multiple colors are available at no charge for boiler matching.

Amtrol, Inc.

Tjernlund’s SideShot eliminates chimneys
Tjernlund’s SideShot model SS2 eliminates chimneys and reduces material and labor costs. It features a permanently lubricated ball-bearing motor that drives a self-cleaning, backward-inclined stainless-steel impeller. Easy interlock, servicing and compact, zero clearance to combustible’s installation provides more flexible boiler installation options. Patented stainless-steel vent termination eliminates staining of the building exterior. Over-fire draft can be precisely dialed in for optimum equipment efficiencies.

Tjernlund Products

Spirotherm expands Spirovent Junior line
Spirotherm, Inc. has announced several additions to its Spirovent Junior product line. The VJR200TM is a new 2-inch brass air eliminator that’s ideal for residential and light commercial installations, as well as conversions from steam or gravity to forced hot-water applications. It is available in NPT female with 1¼2-inch tank mount, while the new Junior Sweat Series is available in 3¼4-inch, 1-inch and 1-1/4-inch sizes. The Vertical Spirovent Junior line has also been expanded and is now available in 3¼4-inch, 1-inch and 1-1/4-inch sizes for vertical applications. Horizontal or vertical, sweat or threaded, 3¼4-inch to 2-inch, the Spirovent line is now the broadest and most complete line in North America.

Spirotherm, Inc.

Beckett commercial burners available in eight models
R.W. Beckett commercial oil burners are available in eight models with firing rates from 1.65 to 35 GPH, and are backed by Beckett’s 68-year reputation for uncompromising quality and service. All models feature a movable flame-retention head; a compact, cast aluminum housing; and a wide range of flame safe-guard controls to match individual requirements. Beckett burners are individually tested before they leave the factory and meet all standard UL/C-UL and CSDI code requirements, with options to upgrade to advanced technology for additional code requirements. Beckett burners offer ease of installation, due to their overall design, and a nationwide network of wholesalers provides easy ordering and fast shipping. Installation and service assistance is readily available from Beckett’s experienced technical support group.

R.W. Beckett Corp.

McDonnell & Miller creates first self-cleaning LWCO
An innovative ‘self-cleaning” probe that prevents the build-up of lime on the probe tip during boiler operation and provides five years of maintenance-free service has been introduced on all McDonnell & Miller electronic low-water cut-offs. Designed to prevent nuisance boiler shutdowns and potential flooding, the new self-cleaning probe reduces costly callbacks. It also reduces the time required to service a boiler. This technology makes use of the water turbulence around the sensing probe to initiate the cleaning element to oscillate at the end of the probe, preventing accumulation of lime. Ideal for both the residential steam and hot-water boiler markets, the self-cleaning probe is standard on all McDonnell & Miller electronic low-water cut-offs, including all Series PS-800s, the RB-122, the 750-P-MT-120 and the RS1-LP.

McDonnell & Miller

RBI introduces next generation Futera boilers
RBI, a Mestek Company, has unveiled the next generation of sealed-combustion, direct-vent Futera boilers. The Futera series boilers feature full modulation and 3-to-1 turndown, and supply the precise amount of heat necessary to maintain desired building temperature by matching heating demand without over-firing and wasting energy. The Futera boilers also feature a four-pass design and a gasket free heat exchanger with bronze headers and fittings to prevent rust and corrosion for the life of the boiler. Finned tubes are industrial-grade copper with fins and tube walls formed as one for maximum heat transfer. In addition, the brushed stainless-steel jacket provides an appealing look and corrosion resistance for indoor or outdoor installations in harsh environments. The boilers permit easy installation and service with a small footprint that fits through a standard doorway and quick release latches allowing for easy access to all components. Models are available ranging from 500 to 2000MBH to meet any heating demand or application.

RBI, a Mestek Co.

Taco introduces PRV in cartridge-style design
Taco has introduced the Cartridge Style Pressure Reducing Valve. The valve automatically feeds increased water to the system whenever the pressure in the system drops below the pressure setting of the valve. The valve’s cartridge-style design contains all parts in a one-piece unit that can be easily removed and serviced without reducing line pressure. A one-handed fast-fill button delivers increased flow to speed system fill times while a dial-in pressure setting allows for easy adjustment throughout the 10- to 50-psi range without the need for an external gauge. The PRV uses a balanced diaphragm to ensure output pressure stability. Unlike conventional PRV designs, the diaphragm doesn’t double as a seal between the body and cap, allowing for the diaphragm to strictly maintain pressure stability. Its stainless-steel spindle reduces erosion and corrosion and the stainless-steel coaxial strainer prevents build-up of system debris. The patented ‘comb design” eliminates excessive noise with a maximum noise output of 20dB and alters water flow turbulence to reduce cavitation. The valve’s body is made of bronze, with stainless-steel internal parts and engineered plastics.

Taco, Inc.

Wirsbo unveils proMIX 701 Injection Mixing Station
Uponor Wirsbo has introduced the proMIX 701 Injection Mixing Station. This unit is a weather-responsive, single-temperature reset station with integral variable speed injection and secondary system circulators. The proMIX 701 can be set up to operate as an outdoor reset control, a setpoint control or a Delta T limiting control. The most common application for the proMIX 701 is an application requiring only one supply water temperature. These types of applications include the lower level of a home, a single-story, slab-on-grade home, or a small workshop.

Uponor Wirsbo

Viessmann boilers designed for cost-conscious consumers

Viessmann has added two boilers to its product line: the Vitorond 100 oil-fired triple-pass boiler and the Vitogas 050, ECD-S gas-fired wet-base boiler. Perfect for budget-conscious customers, these newcomers provide Viessmann performance at a competitive price. Like all Viessmann products, these boilers are easy to install and service, and their high-quality cast-iron construction makes for reliable operation and extra-long service life. With Viessmann, contractors now have an excellent ‘one-stop shopping” source for all their hydronics needs.

Viessmann Heating

Waste-oil-fired boiler turns waste into heat
The LVWO waste-oil-fired boiler from Columbia Boiler can service commercial buildings requiring up to 150,000 net BTUs of energy for hydronic heating. Waste-oil-fired boilers have the ability to recycle used motor and hydraulic oil, vegetable oil and other petroleum products and to recover ‘free” energy in the process. Onsite recycling also minimizes the cost of disposal and reduces the chance of waste-oil contamination in the environment. An EPA-approved method for recycling oil and free heat, Columbia offers a full line of boilers that use waste oils and other petroleum-based lubricants as a fuel source. Boilers are available from 75,000 BTUs to 800,000 BTUs.

Columbia Boiler


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