Caleffi Introduces Solar Water Heating System

In response to contractors’ growing demand for easily installed, reliable solar technology, Caleffi introduces its Solar Water Heating System for residential homes.  The prepackaged, specially engineered system includes all of the components needed for a standard installation ‘ from the solar collectors, to the pump station and controller, to the storage tank, and all of the necessary hardware and plumbing components.  Caleffi’s complete package is ready to be professionally installed and comes with the added assurance of a detailed warranty plan.  Systems range in size from a one-collector system, intended for one- to two-person households, to a three-collector system, for households with four to six people.  The system is equally compatible with newly constructed or existing homes, and its flexibility allows a variety of installation options, ranging from roof installations to ground mounts.  CALEFFI ‘ Creating innovative, superior performance products that help customers live comfortably and economically, while softening their impact on the environment.

For more information, visit Caleffi’s Web site at, e-mail at, or call (414) 238-2360.

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