Woolley Fuel Company celebrates frst biodiesel retail station in the state of New Jersey



MAPLEWOOD, NJ, Dec, 5, 2008 –  Woolley Fuel Company, a family based fuel oil company since 1924, serving five New Jersey counties, is celebrating the grand opening of the first public retail biodiesel pump dispenser in the State of New Jersey.  Maplewood’s Mayor Ken Pettis said, “I am proud of the efforts Maplewood’s government, businesses and residents are making to reduce our carbon footprint. Woolley Fuel Company in particular has an 85 year commitment to Maplewood’s past as a township business and now with biodiesel is committed to its green future.”

The biodiesel is being sourced by Sprague Energy Corp., a leading energy supplier at the forefront of clean fuels development and marketing.  Biodiesel is the latest addition to a clean product line that includes ultra low sulfur diesel, bioheat and ethanol fuels. 

Woolley’s decision to partner with Sprague is a reflection of its desire to offer a premium quality fuel. Sprague was the first petroleum terminal operator and marketer to earn BQ-9000 Certified Marketer status under the National Biodiesel Board’s (NBB) BQ-9000 quality control program.  Every gallon of Sprague biodiesel meets the stringent product specifications of The American Society of Testing and Manufacturing (ASTM), endorsed by the NBB.

About Woolley Fuel Company

Founded in 1924, as a supplier of coal, ice and wood to local homeowners in Maplewood, New Jersey, Woolley Fuel, recently joined by A.D. Runyon Co. of Millington, New Jersey, serves Essex, Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon and Union Counties in the state of New Jersey, providing oil heat and now biodiesel. This family owned business was one of the first to fully computerize to insure faster, more accurate delivery, service and billing. The oldest business in Maplewood, Woolley Fuel Co. continues to offer personal service to its customers.   Please visit Woolley’s web site at www.woolleyfuel.com.   


About Sprague Energy

Founded in 1870 as a supplier of coal and oil, Sprague has evolved into the Eastern Seaboard’s leading resource for industrial, commercial, government and utility, space heating and transportation fuels, as well as material handling services.   Sprague distributes more than 2.5 billion gallons of petroleum products, 160 Bcf (billion cubic feet) of natural gas, and handles in excess of 3 million tons of bulk materials in a safe and environmentally sound manner.  Sprague, based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axel Johnson Inc., a member of the Axel Johnson Group of Stockholm, Sweden.  Please visit Sprague’s web site at www.spragueenergy.com.

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