Taco introduces two new series of Low Water Cutoff controls

Taco, Inc. has expanded and upgraded its Low Water Cutoff (LWCO) line of controls with the addition of two new series: the LTA-2 and the LF. Taco now offers three series (LTR, LTA-2 and LF) for reliable protection of all types of boilers, ranging from small residential hot water boilers to large industrial steam boilers. 

LWCO’s are designed to prevent a boiler from operating if the water level dips below the minimum safe operating level, since in a low water condition heat can rapidly accumulate causing significant damage to the boiler and pose a potential external safety hazard.  Every Taco LWCO has been upgraded to incorporate our patented signal processing technology to deliver the most reliable low water protection available.  The new controls are so smart it will even tell you when the probe should be cleaned, eliminating the need for yearly maintenance.

New LTA-2 models have been designed for use on smaller hot water boilers, and are available in 24 and 120 VAC auto reset versions. They replace the old LNA series of controls and now feature a test button along with a compact full metal enclosure, direct probe mounting and LED lights.  The LF Series can be used with both hot water and steam boilers and employs Taco’s patented DualVision

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