Tyco Thermal Controls Provides Downhole Heaters for Flow Assurance in Offshore Wells

Tyco Thermal Controls, the world’s leading provider of complete heat management solutions announces that OMV, Central Europe’s leading oil and gas group, has reported that production in the Maari oilfield has commenced from two wells that utilize PetroTrace® STSi electric downhole heaters. The Maari field is operated by OMV New Zealand (OMV NZ) and is owned by a Joint Venture comprising of OMV NZ (69%), Todd Maari Ltd (16%), Horizon Oil International Ltd (10%) and Cue Taranaki Pty Ltd (5%).

 Tyco Thermal Controls was initially contacted by OMV NZ in 2005 to design, supply and provide field installation supervision for a downhole heating system to be used for flow assurance in offshore wells in the Maari oilfield. Over a period of several years, the two companies partnered together to ensure that Tyco Thermal Controls delivers the optimal solution for the field’s needs.


Tyco Thermal Controls’ PetroTrace STSi electric downhole heater system was selected specifically because it is designed to mitigate wax buildup in the well’s production tube to keep the extraction process moving.


‘OMV came to Tyco Thermal Controls because we are known for our expertise with downhole oil production and providing complete heat management systems,” said Dave Parman, Director of Technical Development for Tyco Thermal Controls. ‘We were able to provide a complete solution to OMV as well as make product adaptations for their specific situation.”


The system, as supplied by Tyco Thermal Controls, consists of 2400-meter skin-effect coiled tube heaters installed within the well’s production tube for maximum heat transfer and ease of installation. Traditionally, these systems are installed outside of the production tube. This new installation method is ideal for wells with heavier oils or waxy/ paraffinic issues that require more heat and therefore may benefit from heat-tracing systems installed internally to the production tube.


‘While supplying downhole heating systems is not new to Tyco Thermal Controls,” said Julie Ahner, Tyco Thermal Controls Global Marketing Manager for Strategic Business Units, ‘this is an exciting time when technological advancements allow the development and better production in challenging oilfields that would have been considered non-viable in the past. This can even allow for abandoned fields to be reopened and produce economically.”

Tyco Thermal Controls has provided PetroTrace heat-tracing products for downhole applications for more than 20 years and today offers a range of heaters for improving well flow rates by reducing the viscosity of heavy oil and/ or reducing parafinics and waxes.


Located in the Taranaki Basin, the Maari field is approximately 80km south east of New Zealand’s north island, in ca. 100 meters water depth. Field development consists of a wellhead platform tied back to a floating production, storage and offloading vessel moored nearby. It is anticipated that the 5 heated production wells will average 35,000 barrels of oil per day once full production has commenced.


About Tyco Thermal Controls

Tyco Thermal Controls, a part of Tyco Flow Control, is a global company providing optimal solutions for various applications involving heat tracing, floor heating, snow melting & de-icing, temperature measurement, fire and performance wiring, and leak detection systems. With operations in 56 countries and experience in managing projects around the globe, Tyco Thermal Controls is the ideal partner for companies worldwide. Currently, we manufacture and distribute products and provide services under brand names such as Raychem®, Pyrotenax®, DigiTrace®,

Tracer®, IsopadTM, Frostex®, HEW-THERM, TraceTek® and WinterGard®. More information on Tyco Thermal Controls can be found at www.tycothermal.com.


About Tyco Flow Control

Tyco Flow Control, a business segment of Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC; BSX: TYC), is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of valves and controls, water and environmental systems, and thermal control solutions to vital industries including energy, power, water, mining, chemical, food & beverage, and construction. Tyco Flow Control has more than 15,000 employees in over 100 locations globally. For more information on Tyco Flow Control, visit www.tycoflowcontrol.com.

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