New Generation of High Performing Regional Truck Tires Now Available from Goodyear

AKRON, Ohio, May 1, 2009 ‘ Goodyear has announced the availability of two new regional tires that offer deeper tread depth, enhanced tread designs and compounds to maximize tire life in urban and regional driving conditions.  The two tires address the needs of multiple applications from city delivery to beverage to emergency vehicles and buses — plus longer regional runs.

‘The local haul and regional segments are diverse and about as tough as it gets when it comes to wear on commercial tires,” said Donn Kramer, Goodyear’s director of marketing for commercial tires.  ‘With the amount of scrubbing and curb damage the tires undergo, fleets need tires that are robust and able to provide a low cost-per-mile through multiple retreads.  We’re excited to bring to market major advancements in tire technology with the Goodyear G661 HSA and G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology.”

The G661 HSA steer and all-position tire was built with a high scrub-resistant tread, utilizing multi-compound construction that helps to extend tread life when used in local applications which require frequent turning, backing and braking.  ‘Beverage trucks, emergency vehicles, tow trucks and school buses are placed in some of the toughest driving conditions around,” said Kramer.  ‘Tires operate in challenging conditions, so these products have penetration protectors to help resist cuts and punctures, and sidewall protector ribs coupled with a scrub-resistant sidewall compound to help protect against abrasions from curbing.”

Goodyear’s G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology is intended for regional and local haul applications as a steer and all-position tire.

‘The G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology is Goodyear’s first regional tire to offer the fuel-saving capability of Fuel Max,” said Kramer.  ‘This innovative compound reduces rolling resistance significantly, and the benefit for fleets using the tire in longer direct routes is improved fuel economy of up to 4 percent.*   

For those running in high-mileage regional applications of 120,000 miles per year, that could equate to nearly $1,100 per year in fuel savings if the G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology is used in all positions (based on fuel at $2.30 per gallon).”

Kramer said the G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology boasts another first.  
‘It’s also our first regional tire to offer a pressure distribution groove ‘ to spread weight on the tread for enhanced uniform wear,” he said.

The tire has a 22/32-inch tread depth, 2/32 inches deeper than previous Goodyear regional tires, giving both the G661 HSA and G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology extended miles to removal.  Additionally, TredLock Technology, featuring interlocking microgrooves, helps to stiffen and stabilize the tread for long tread life.  ‘When the truck is running straight, the TredLock pattern is separated, which provides enhanced traction in wet weather conditions,” explained Kramer.  ‘But on a turn, those microgrooves come together and interlock to create a block ‘ stabilizing the tread to help prevent irregular wear.  It’s the latest technology from Goodyear.”

According to Kramer, a new casing design (in most sizes) features full-sized, super-tensile steel belts, to help reinforce the tread for enhanced toughness.  ‘Goodyear developed the casing with life-cycle costs in mind,” said Kramer.  ‘A tire’s true performance is not only measured by its initial life, but also by its second, third and beyond as a retread.  You need a well-engineered casing to capture multiple retreads and a lower cost-per-mile, and our new casing delivers.”

The G661 HSA and G662 RSA with Fuel Max are available now in an 11R22.5 size, with the 295/75R22.5 size coming in June.  The G661 HSA will also have the 11R24.5 size available in June.

Goodyear commercial tire systems offer complete products and services to the trucking and bus industries, including a full range of original equipment and replacement tires In addition, the company offers fleetHQ business solutions to fleets of all sizes.  This includes the 24/7 fleetHQ Solution Center, national programs, tire management tools, online information access and business problem-solving for tomorrow’s trucking fleets. For more information on Goodyear’s commercial tires, go to

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