Tomlinson’s C&K Products Division offers a line of foodservice and work gloves

C&K’s complete line of foodservice and work gloves, along with other protective products offer commercial operators cost-effective solutions to help eliminate many foodservice workplace problems.


The C-Kure® line of foodservice gloves includes:

Nitrile Gloves ‘ excellent dexterity, superior comfort, puncture resistant, non-sterile, latex free, blue color
Non-Latex Gloves ‘ excellent dexterity, superior comfort, non-sterile, single use, ambidextrous
Vinyl Gloves ‘ snug fit, non-sterile, single use, ambidextrous, clear or blue
 Poly Gloves – low-cost alternative for the latex sensitive user, powder-free, two lengths; wrist length and elbow length available.


Whizard® Gloves are knit cut-resistant gloves with a stainless steel core.  Each is exceptionally comfortable.  They include:

Handguard® II ‘ highest level of cut resistance of any textile glove; combines double strand of Spectra with Kevlar® and stainless steel
Knifehandler® – heavy-duty knit, cut resistant; constructed of Spectra, Kevlar® and stainless steel
Prepguard® – superior cut resistance; constructed of Spectra and stainless steel


C&K also offers ambidextrous Metal Mesh gloves.  Constructed of small, machine welded rings to create a tightly woven mesh, they are the ultimate defense against cuts, abrasions and lacerations.  These gloves meet OSHA requirements for meat and poultry processing applications and are available with a nylon strap closure or an all-steel closure.


Other work gloves include the 93WCT Cotton Work Glove and the CKM11 Cotton Econo-Knit Glove.


Wall Mounted Glove Dispensers are available in acrylic or stainless steel to hold either a single box or double box of vinyl gloves.


For more information, please contact Tomlinson Industries, 13700 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44125-1992.  Phone:  216-587-3400, Ext 112.  Fax:  216-587-0733.  Visit our web site at to see the complete line of products available.

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