Cycle Chem, Inc. acquires DEEP GREEN of New York, Inc.

DEEP GREEN is a New York State Solid Waste permitted facility in New Windsor, NY. It is permitted to store approximately 11,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soils and has a throughput of up to 525 tons per day. DEEP GREEN uses high temperature rotary kiln treatment to thermally destroy petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants in soils creating an inert recycled material for potential re-use and/or backfill.

Unlike most soil processors that mix contaminated soils with other soils for use as landfill application, encapsulation, and/or asphalt dilution, DEEP GREEN thermally destroys contaminants to a level of 99.99% reducing our client’s potential liability. Thermal treatment is the only process that quickly converts hydrocarbons to harmless steam and carbon dioxide. DEEP GREEN guarantees processed materials have been treated as per NYSDEC standards.

All DEEP GREEN operations are controlled under a 25,000 square foot enclosed treatment area specially designed with leak detection, lining, controlled storm water run off protection and groundwater monitoring.


The addition of DEEP GREEN deepens Cycle Chem’s service set, adds scale to its business and expands service to key client segments.


Based in Elizabeth, NJ with locations in the Mid Atlantic and New England states, Cycle Chem, Deep Green of New York and related entities, Clean Venture, Inc., General Chemical Corporation and Envirotech Consultants, LLC have approximately 400 employees.

1106 River Road, New Windsor, NY 12553
PH 845-562-8778
FX 845-562-9566

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