132 Series Balancing Valve with Flow Meter




Caleffi’s newly introduced 132 Series Balancing Valve with Integral Flow Meter provides fast, easy and accurate circuit balancing in hydronic systems. Proper circuit balancing ensures that the system operates according to design specifications, providing optimal thermal comfort with low energy consumption.


The flow meter is housed in a by-pass circuit on the valve body and can be shut off during normal operation. The use of a flow meter greatly simplifies the process of system balancing, since the flow rate can be measured and controlled at any time eliminating the need for differential pressure gauges or reference charts. An effective and innovative ball/magnet indicator remains perfectly clean and scale-free providing reliable readings over time.


The 132 balancing valve is available with NPT threaded end connections in sizes 1/2 to

1-1/2 inch.  Additionally, it is furnished with a pre-formed insulation shell to optimize thermal performance for both hot and cold water systems.


CALEFFI ‘ Creating innovative, superior performance products that help customers live comfortably and economically, while softening their impact on the environment.


For more information, visit Caleffi’s Web site at www.caleffi.us, e-mail at sales@caleffi.com, or call (414) 238-2360.


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