only oil company in CT legally selling in 5 gallon cans

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By Patricia Daddona

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Published 09/23/2010 12:00 AMUpdated 09/23/2010 11:48 AM
One-time operator of Bernie’s starts new business at site

New London – A new oil company dubbed Anytime Oil LLC is hoping to compete with established firms, offering delivery without requiring a budget plan or contract.

“For value conscious customers, we’re the answer,” said Jeff Suntup, a member along with wife, Lily. “If you want to stretch your heating dollars, we’re the place to come. There’s no gimmicks, no teasers. We’re small, but we’re looking at the long-term need and we hope we can get the recognition and notoriety that will make us a staple.”

The business, which began operating on Sept. 10, is located at 49 Westwood Ave., the former home of the bankrupt Bernie’s Fuel Oil. Suntup originally ran the Bernie’s business started by his father in 1961 and sold it to Daniel Groben in 2003, but remained landlord of the property.

Hess is the supplier for Anytime Fuel Oil, Suntup said.

Part of the reason Suntup is returning to the oil business is because of the need he saw in the past for as little as five to 10 gallons at a time to tide customers over on a weekend in an emergency, until their oil tanks could be refilled. Back then, he would have had to tell them he couldn’t help.

But now, Suntup is selling five-gallon containers for $14.99 plus tax around the clock and is staffing his company with workers who will fill the containers and, if necessary, assist consumers in putting the oil in their tanks. Funnels are also for sale for 50 cents to $1, depending on the size, he said. Additives are also for sale if needed, he said.

This emergency measure is intended for consumers feeling the squeeze of high fuel costs or needing the oil in a pinch, he added.

In addition, Anytime Oil will have a minimum delivery of 25 gallons instead of the industry minimum standard of 100 gallons, he said. Normal office hours in the heating season will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with round the clock delivery available. There could be a minimal service charge for emergencies, “but we’ll try to avoid that,” Suntup said.

“People who got lots of money in their bank accounts and don’t really need to worry about oil will probably not need to use our services, unless their company falls down and runs out of oil,” Suntup said. (But) “every automatic customer at some point runs out. We’re an emergency service, a lifeline.”

Since the company wants to “work with the consumer to make sure nobody goes cold,” Suntup said, it will make referrals to other companies if for any reason it can’t accommodate the consumer.

“We hope because of that good will, we’ll survive in the marketplace,” he said.

Anytime Oil, which also provides kerosene and off-road diesel, has been licensed by the state Department of Consumer Protection, officials there said.

So far, the company has three employees, including the Suntups, and three oil trucks.

The company is initially serving the towns of Groton, New London and Waterford, but its owners hope the business will grow throughout the region.

The firm accepts cash, approved checks, COD and credit cards, Suntup said.

To buy fuel oil from Anytime Oil, or find out more about its services, call 860-447-FUEL.


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