POMONA, Calif. – Prolong(r) Super Lubricants offers its Super Duty Diesel Fuel Treatment for use in long-haul truck applications. 
Designed to improve the fuel mileage and performance of diesel trucks, Prolong’s Super Duty Diesel Fuel Treatment is formulated with premium detergents that remove gum, deposits and sludge build up from injectors and the entire fuel system.  The result is better fuel economy and less black smoke, as well as protection against fuel system corrosion and premature wear of pumps and injectors.  
The formula meets Cummins L-10 diesel fuel additive specifications for injector cleanliness and Cummins N-14 diesel fuel additive specifications for corrosion protection with low and high sulfur levels.  Specially formulated at Prolong’s facility to meet demanding over-the-road truck applications, Super Duty Diesel Fuel Treatment also helps in maintaining diesel emission compliance.
To use, pour Super Duty Diesel Fuel Treatment into the vehicle’s fuel tank before fill up.  Use 1 to 2 ounces to treat 10 gallons of diesel fuel, 8 ounces to treat 50 gallons or a quart to treat 200 gallons.  The fuel treatment is available in quart bottles and 55-gallon drums.
“During this tough economy, trucker owners know that saving fuel and avoiding repair costs is crucial to their survival,” said Jeff Victer, Domestic/International Sales Manager, Prolong.  “Of course we all know time is money, so the ease of using the treatment is a huge selling feature as well.”
Prolong Super Lubricants, a brand of GoldenWest Lubricants, Inc., produces a wide range of chemicals and car care products, including engine, fuel and transmission additives; chassis and wheel lubricants; rust, vinyl and leather protectants; and waxes.  Its Anti-Friction Metal Treatment(tm) (AFMT) advanced technology treats and modifies the surface of metal to reduce metal wear, heat and friction.  For more information, visit, or contact Prolong at 1937 Mount Vernon Ave., Pomona, Calif., 91768; phone: 800.540.LUBE (5823); fax: 800.966.LUBE (5823).

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