Taco’s new Solar Water Heating Course Available Online


The design and installation of solar water heating systems is a growing segment of the market.  More homeowners are interested in and willing to budget for renewable energy sources, especially with the offer of federal, state, local government and utility incentives. 


Taco’s newest FloPro University course is designed to provide plumbing and heating contractors with a basic understanding of residential solar water heating components, systems, system configurations, how to choose systems for specific homes, and how solar water heating technology works.


The first course, titled Solar Water Heating Theory and Application, includes:


How solar works – the amount of solar energy available at various locations and times of the year


Why you can’t ‘dabble” in solar water heating, but have to commit to learning all the skills required


How to determine the solar potential in your locale; how to do a preliminary site evaluation; what to look for in solar collectors; how to site solar collectors


Also – understand system components and the types (and limitations) of systems and system configurations


The second course, titled ‘Solar Water Heating: Taco Solutions for Pumping and Control” builds on the first course.  Content offers a detailed look at the challenges of pumping and control of active solar water heating systems.


Content includes:


Guidelines for properly sizing systems ‘ collectors and storage tanks


Understanding the details of system operation


Why variable speed pumping is a great way to meet the challenges of system pumping and control.


Taco’s video based e-learning FloPro University provides high-quality, highly interactive contractor education programs for free to all FloPro Team members.  The FloPro University is about real-world knowledge, techniques and training, not theory. You “attend class” any time you want, from any computer with an Internet connection. And you learn at your own pace, in your own way.  It’s higher education without the headaches.



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