FieldAware Adds New Asset Management Feature To Its Arsenal Of Unique Cloud-Based Field Service Management Solutions


Frisco, Texas... April 5, 2012 ‘ FieldAware has announced the addition of a multifaceted new Asset Management tool that provides users the ability to track and manage their customers’ and their own assets for their entire lifecycle.


          This new feature provides field service operations with a 360-degree view of all the assets they maintain, including such specific equipment details as manufacturer, model #, serial #, warranty information and much more.  Its unique functionality allows users to:

Schedule maintenance based on fixed or variable interval periods, including dependency on last service date

Define customized maintenance procedure groups to standardize delivery service and compliance

Link assets to customers, locations, and contacts as necessary

Invoice for multiple asset jobs on a single invoice with breakdown by asset


Split-billing available for warranty work or shared assets

Track and manage all assets (i.e. boilers, trucks, engines etc.) from creation to retirement

           The feature enables companies to define custom attributes of assets for specific definition of contracts, asset readings and other customer asset information.


          With this new feature from FieldAware, field service managers will have the ability to create their own maintenance procedures and procedure groups to standardize delivery and compliance while also being able to schedule asset maintenance based on specified interval periods from the last date the asset was serviced. On the accounting side, the Asset Management feature facilitates complex billing and invoicing through providing multiple asset jobs on a single invoice with breakdown options by asset as well as providing them with ability for split-billing for warranty work or other shared assets.


          The new Asset Management feature can help field service companies provide better service and increased satisfaction for their customers through improved tracking, visibility and history of service on an asset. It also reduces service costs, increases revenues and renewals.


          ‘This new tool allows companies to take their service contract capabilities to the next level,” said Karl Schneider, FieldAware VP of Marketing.  ‘Field service operators won’t believe how easy it is to deliver top-notch service to their most demanding customers across all their asset inventories”.


          As with all FieldAware’s cloud-based SaaS solutions, it is designed for use on all Apple and Android devices (phones or tablets).  This eliminates the need to purchase expensive legacy-based software or servers and makes it very affordable for even small field service companies.


          For additional information on FieldAware’s new Asset Management feature, visit




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