Hutchinson Industries Canada Inc., member of the Tremcar group, acquires the assets of Robica Forman Tank Ltd.

Hutchinson Industries Canada Inc., member of the Tremcar group announced it has acquired the assets of Robica Forman Tank Ltd., a company founded in 1952, located in London, Ontario and specialized in the manufacturing of truck tanks and tank trailers.

Daniel Tremblay, president of Tremcar Inc. declared: “This acquisition allows Tremcar to grow its product portfolio by adding a range of truck tanks for delivery of fuel, for the transportation of liquid products; tank trailers for the transport and delivery of fuel and for the transport of dry bulk products. It also allows us to extend our network of service centers in Western Ontario therefore providing quality service to our customers.

Tremcar is recognized in North America for the quality and innovative design of its tank trailers and truck tanks designed for transporting liquids and dry bulk products. Its clients operate in various fields including transportation related to agriculture, food, construction, petrochemical, oil as well as for the transport of “crude oil” in the oil fields of Western Canada. Tremcar’s expertise allows it to adapt each tank to meet the requirements of its customers.

Founded in 1962, Tremcar employs over 750 people in its five production facilities and five service centers in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ohio (USA).

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