The True Spirit of Oil Heat Cares

From the National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionals (OESP) comes a story about an Oil Heat Cares project recently completed, spearheaded by Angel Gonzalez, New York City Chapter, Petro-Maspeth. His organizational efforts with pulling this all together in such a short time are amazing.

The idea to take on a Hurricane Sandy related project came up during the winter. As often the case, emotions run high immediately following disaster, but generally things die down and people forget. But not the guys from Garden State Chapter, L.I. Oilheating and Cooling Professionals, Fairfield County Chapter and of course, New York City Chapter. They were willing to donate their time and talent on a very hot weekend in New York.

One of OESP’s Advantage news briefs caught the eye of Anthony Ayala, Fortis Institute, Wayne, N.J. and two of his students helped out as well as Angel’s son, Justin.

When this project was first discussed, it was thought that OESP would take on a project specifically directed at helping a family victimized by Hurricane Sandy. In the NYC area, most families received assistance from FEMA, but churches, amongst other institutions, did not qualify. So what better way is there than to reach out to many families by helping restore their church?

Over the weekend of July 13 and 14, several OESP chapters came together in Queens, N.Y. to restore the heating system of the Christ by the Sea Presbyterian Church. Garden State, Fairfield County, NYC and Long Island Chapters were there to install a complete new system. In two days, a four zone hydronic boiler, a 275 gallon oil tank and approximately 300′ of baseboard were all installed.  

Through careful planning and by working in mixed teams, this project was completed in just two days. Most of the volunteers arrived early in the morning and worked a full day until the task was completed, even students showed up to help install baseboard. Now these folks will be able to attend mass in their own church.

Not only is OESP grateful to the people who worked on this project, but much thanks is owed to those who donated the supplies and materials needed to make this happen: Peerless boiler for donating the boiler package; Roth for all the Pex tubing and fittings and for offering an oil tank as well; Petro for donating the oil tank and for actively participating with a helping hand; Taco for the controls, valves and circulators; Gil Meyerowitz, a local supplier who donated all the pipe and fittings to install the boiler; Sippin Energy for donating the pipe and fittings and help on installing the oil tank; Blackman Supply for the baseboard; and Guaranteed Chimney for work on the chimney.

The following is a thank you letter sent to Oil Heat Cares about the project:

When Super Storm Sandy rolled in and destroyed much of our town things looked pretty grim for our church. The members of the church that remained in Broad Channel began the clean-up and rebuilding of our homes. In January when several of us finally had the time to put into rebuilding the church we were again devastated by the conditions in the building. Water and heating pipes had frozen and burst throughout the church. Since we are a relatively small congregation, we were all worried that we could not afford to rebuild as it once was. And then GOD sent us an angel(Angel Gonzalez). Upon hearing of our plight, your response was both swift and filled with promise for our future. When you let me know that Oil Heat Cares had accepted the project I immediately called most of the parishioners to let them know. Most had the same response…..this was the best news we had gotten since the storm. When the crews began arriving on Saturday I was grinning from ear to ear. The professionalism and caring that I saw during the install was truly amazing. Words cannot express how deeply grateful myself and the rest of the members of this church are to you and all the people involved in this project. As well as the installers, I’m sure there are many people involved in this behind the scenes. Please convey to all those involved our deepest gratitude. Thanks to you and the Oil Heat Cares team we will be having our first service since the hurricane in our newly renovated church on August 11 at 9 AM. Everyone involved in this project is welcome to attend.


Thanks Again and God Bless You,

Don Minor

Church Elder

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