Bergquist Offers New MEC Residential Propane Regulators



TOLEDO, Ohio, Aug. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bergquist, Inc. announces its offering of Marshall Excelsior Co.’s (MEC) new Excela-Flo residential regulators today at their annual Open House in Toledo, OH.

The regulators – designed and tested at MEC’s lab in Marshall, MI – mark MEC’s introduction into the residential propane regulator market.

The Excela-Flo regulators possess several key features for optimal performance and installation. This includes a round flange for evenly distributed diaphragm compression, large wrench flats, stainless steel lever design, and a tear-off data label for record keeping to name just a few.

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“MEC brings its manufacturing expertise, intensive market research, and world-class engineering capabilities to the development of the new Excela-Flo residential regulators. Although a brand new product, the Excela-Flo regulators have been field tested and subject to extensive testing at MEC’s lab in Marshall, MI and UL’s lab in Northbrook, IL,” says Don Heller, Bergquist’s Vice President of Propane Technologies.

Heller continues, “We’re pleased to offer our customers the new Excela-Flo residential regulators along with the other outstanding products MEC has introduced to our industry.”

MEC’s new residential regulators are subject to the most thorough propane regulator testing anywhere in the world. Testing on 100 regulators using propane showed no lock-up, relief, or leakage failures over a 30+ year life cycle. This rigorous testing included over 500,000 cycles at 20-30% droop, over 15,000 gallons of propane used, and exposure to all seasons from field trials in various regions across the U.S. Finally, the new MEC regulators were subject to extensive UL144/UL144C testing standards.

Bergquist, Inc. is a national wholesale distributor of propane and anhydrous ammonia equipment in the U.S. Headquartered in Toledo, OH, Bergquist has Regional Sales Centers in Bowling Green, KY, Crawfordsville, IN, Shakopee, MN, North Kansas City, MO and Denver, CO.

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Marshall Excelsior Company (MEC) is a leading producer of propane and anhydrous equipment with over 30 years of experience. MEC is headquartered in Marshall, MI with manufacturing locations throughout the U.S., Mexico and China. For more information, please go to




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