Gas-Pro Protects and Measures Air Quality in Confined Spaces

Dunedin, Florida (September 12, 2013) Crowcon’s Gas-Pro portable gas detector is specifically designed to ensure worker safety in confined spaces. The compact, personal-use, multi-gas detector is robust, reliable and simple to use with a bright, easy to read display and long battery life.

The Gas-Pro has a number of special features specific to confined space entry (CSE) work, starting with a small size that doesn’t greatly add to personal protection equipment load and will not interfere with worker activity. Its bright, clear top-mount display can be read at a glance without having to even touch the detector.

In alarm conditions, the Gas-Pro’s dual color backlight adds an extra level of alert. An extremely loud alarm (more than 95 dB), vibration and dual color visual warnings are standard. The rugged UL-approved unit has IP65 and IP67 ingress protection to withstand the rigors of confined space environments.

An automated pre-entry check function walks a user through a confined space entry to ensure maximum safety. This is also recorded in the event log, proving the check was carried out prior to CSE. A tri-color indicator gives status of gas test (bump), calibration, over range, and recent alarm notifications at a glance. Because this +ve Safety

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