New York Legislator Backs Cleaner Heating Oil Use

Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker, D-Rye, has introduced new legislation at the County Board of Legislators to ban the use of heavy, dirty heating oils No. 6 and No. 4 in an effort to provide cleaner air in the county, reports the Scarsdale Daily Voice.

Parker made her announcement regarding the Westchester County 2014 Clean Air Act at a press conference held at Thornycroft, a Scarsdale-based residential cooperative. Parker, with John Bonito ‘ co-president of Garthchester Realty, which manages Thornycroft ‘ and the building’s superintendent, Artie Guttilla, coordinated Thornycroft’s conversion from heavy oil to natural gas. The conversion resulted in a substantial cost savings of about 45 percent and use of a cleaner-burning fuel.

Continue reading at the Scarsdale Daily Voice.

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